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Magnetic Quick Mold Change System

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What is Magnetic Clamping System?

HVR MAG Magnetic clamping system can be suitable for 50-4000ton injection molding machine to allow for quick mold change times, resulting in shorter machine down time. of injection molding machine without any changes to the molds, it provides a uniform mold clamping force act on whole contact surface that allows obtaining good quality parts even with the first molds, drastically reduces mold changeover times (up to 90%) compared to a conventional procedure. A single operator easily and safely performs the operation, without working inside the machine. The highest standard of eight safety protection measures constructs a real-time protection system.

How is the magnetic clamping system working?

Mold Clamping Operation
01 Lifting mold into injection machine.
02 Align with the locating ring.
And adjust posotion and close the mold.
03 Doing MAG operation for fixed and movable side magnetic platen.
04 Unlock mold from lifting equipment,remove hoisting gear,then injection machine could normally work.
Mold Unclamping Operation
01 Close the mold and add hoisting gear.
02 Doing the DEMAG operation for fixed side and movable side magnet plate.
03 Movable platen return back,start to remove the mold.
04 Mold remove operation finish,injection machine Standby.

Innovative Magnetic Clamping Technology

Mechanical Systems

Unable to stop the machine if fault occurs.
Clamping Force
Clamping force around the peripheral edge of the mold.No clamping force on mold center area. Mold is easy to deform.
Long mold change cycle, low efficiency.
Due to deformation of clamping pressure and no clamping force in the center of mold back. The consistency of product is not good.
Low suitability.
Pressing plate and bolt always needs replace, huge labor cost.

Hydraulic Systems

When power is down, hydraulic presser will be decreased and cause accident.
Clamping force around the peripheral edge of the mold. No clamping force on mold center. Mold is easy to deform.
Limitation of the thickness of moldbase board,  it causes much less efficient mold change  time.
Due to deformation of clamping pressure and no clamping force in the center of mold back. The consistency of product is not good.
All the molds’ base plates should require same thicknes.
Need regular maintenance, replace sealing components.

Magnetic Clamping Systems

The magnetic force will keep even the power supply failure.
Uniform clamping over the entire surface,  especially the center of the mold back. Ensure the working process of mold clamping rigidity.
A single operator changes the mold within 3 mins. Reduces mold change over times (up to 90%).
Clamping the mold with entire surface magnetic force, ensures the mold is not easy to be deform and obtain good quality plastic parts.
The entire magnetic working area allows any mold size and shape. No modification required
No moving part, No wearing part. No maintenance need.

Why choose HVR Magnetic clamping system?

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