Magnetic Quick Die Change System for 60T Stamping Machine

Traditional die change processes in stamping operations often involve significant downtime, reducing overall productivity. Magnetic quick die change system is a solution that eliminates the time-consuming task of bolting dies onto a press, allowing for a seamless changeover in just minutes.

Plastic Pipe Injection Molding: Why We Choose Magnetic Clamping System

For plastic pipe injection molding, efficiency and precision are paramount. Manufacturers constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Magnetic clamping system offers a safe solution to solve both problem.

Magnetic Platen for 110T Punching Machine

As a leading supplier of magnetic platens, we are here to introduce you to a game-changing technology that will transform the way you approach die clamping.

Quick Mold Change for Haitian Injection Molding Machine

HVR MAG custom designed and manufactured the 2400T magnetic mold clamping system for our customer from South China. The quick mold change system is for Haitian injection molding machine manufacturing auto parts for new energy cars. The largest mold clamping force is 2400 tons. Although it's a little difficult to see clearly what product exactly they are manufacturing, we can guess it is a big part of a car, say bumpers. The magnetic mold clamps reduce the mold change cycle significantly. And it has a low maintenance cost, with a shining appearance and stable steel structure.

Magnetic Mold Clamp for Electronics Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding plays a major part in electronic component manufacturing. Today’s application case will tell us how the electronics manufacturer adopts magnetic mold clamp and improve their efficiency and productivity.