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Injection Molding:Why Mold Platen Thickness Matters

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Mold platen thickness affects opening stroke of injection molding

Mold opening stroke and its significance:

The distance between the two halves of the mold is called opening stroke. The mold opening stroke should be enough to open the two half molds and take out the product(s).

Generally, the thinner the template, the better. Because the distance of the injection molding machine is certain. The thicker the plate is, the less the mold opening stroke of the injection molding machine. Then the less the applicable mold of the injection molding machine is, the more limited the use is. That's why injection molding manufacturers hope the mold platens to be thin. And then the injection molding machine can be better compatible with more molds.

For example, if the opening stroke of an injection molding machine is 1000mm before the installation of the static and dynamic templates. Assuming that the thickness of one template is 50mm, so the thickness of both the static and dynamic templates is 100mm. Then the opening stroke is 1000mm-100mm=900mm, which is 100mm less than the original.

In the past, injection molding machine manufacturers also thought of using embedded magnetic platen. The magnetic platen is completely embedded in the wall plate of the injection molding machine. If the thickness of the plate is equivalent to 0, there would be no effect on the opening stroke of the injection molding machine. But it didn’t work out, because of the high cost of manufacture and the complexity of the process.

HVR magnetic platens for quick mold change

Now we can manufacture magnetic platen as thin as 35mm. The thinnest magnetic platen we’ve ever made successfully is 33mm. For different plastic injection molding machines, with different tonnages, we can do custom design and production for your magnetic mold platens. The magnetic mold clamping system has been the state-of-art technology for mold change. If you are looking for highly cost-effective magnetic mold clamps, then HVR MAG can be your optimal choice.

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