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Discover More About Magnetic Platens for Mold Clamping

2021-08-10 1074 FOLLOW HVR MAG
Many people, including plastic molders, are still not familiar with magnetic platens for mold clamping on injection molding machines. They don't have a clear full picture of how they are manufactured.

The following pictures will help you discover more about the manufacturing details of our magnetic platens to gain a better understanding of magnetic mold clamping system.

Machining of the body structure of magnetic platen, oil & water proof steel surface.

Machining of round magnet poles, which are the source of the magnetic force of magnetic mold clamping plates for quick mold change system in injection molding.

The magnetic force of HVR MAG's electro permanent magnetic platens, comes from magnet poles, the core part of 2 different types of permanent magnet materials: Neodymium and Alnico.

As a professional magnetic quick mold change solution provider, we offer magnetic platens of different voltage supply: AC220V/380V/415V/440V. The maximum operating temperature of magnetic clamping plates is 120/150/180℃. Any mold clamping questions, please feel free to contact us.

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