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Plastic injection machine: industries and applications

2022-05-16 922 FOLLOW HVR MAG

The world is full of plastics. Whether you realize it, practically everything you see and use daily is entirely or partly plastic material. Your house, car and many other essential products utilize plastic material to make your life easier. Today, let's talk about their exact used industries and precise applications.

Building and construction

Plastic injection moulding is becoming increasingly valuable to the construction industry. The injection moulded parts are suitable for construction applications because of their high material stability, durability, recyclability, and light weight. Manufacturers use plastic injection moulding to produce a variety of affordable construction parts and products, such as hand tools, fasteners, etc.

Food and drink

Parts and components used in food and drink must follow the safety guidelines.

To meet FDA certification and GMA-safe compliance, plastic injection moulded parts produced for these industries are made from food-grade materials, which are non-toxic and BPA-free.

Plastic injection moulding is used to produce several parts of food and drink processing and packaging applications, including:

- beverage overcaps

- food and beverage containers

- conveyor system components

Medical and pharmaceuticals

As medical and pharmaceutical products are tied to an individual's health and safety, ensuring quality throughout manufacturing is essential. Injection moulded parts must meet the specifications of the medical industry, such as ISO certification and the use of medical-grade resins.

Electric and electronic applications

Everywhere that we find electric and electronic systems, we also find plastics.

Your television, computer, refrigerator, other house goods, office equipment and tool grips

Decorations and safety

Plastics are widely used for decoration purposes and safety. For example, we use safety helmets, gloves and sports equipment grips.




HVR MAG quick mould change systems for plastic injection machine

Many good reasons why a reliable, quick mould change system must be integrated into plastic processing operation. Our quick mould change systems offer several advantages to the plastic injection machine, including:

-high quality and high efficiency 

-minimized material waste, lead time and overall costs

-less manpower usage

-reduced patient risk

It is worth considering these factors for those engaged in injection moulding when choosing an excellent quick-change system.

Are you ready to magnetize your workflow?

If your answer is yes, then look no further than HVR. HVR's seasoned team is here to make your life a lot easier, whether you are installing a plastic injection machine or developing a quick mould change system. Our professionals are ready to magnetize your workflow, are you?


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